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Decorative concrete, also referred to as architectural concrete, can simply be described as any technique that changes what would be dull, plain, and boring concrete to be more aesthetically pleasing. Architectural concrete can comprises many different techniques and looks. It can encompass simple coloring techniques such as acrylic stains, acid stains, integral colors, and concrete dyes; mixed with the concrete before it’s poured). This technique can also include other special treatments such as scoring, stamping, polishing, and chiseling that can alter the texture of the concrete surface. Many times, architectural concrete involves multiple techniques to completely customize the slab.

If you’ve never thought that you could change the dull and boring concrete to be innovative and fun, then our concrete services might just surprise for you. Our company, Lewisville Concrete Service, located in Lewisville, is a licensed and bonded company that can change your concrete surfaces into something more pleasing to the eyes. To embellish the concrete, we use a variety of materials that can be used either during the pouring process or even after the concrete has been cured.

The Types of Concrete Decorative Procedures We Use

1. Stamped Concrete

Stamping concrete is simply the adding of color and texture to the concrete so that it can resemble natural products like shells, brick, wood, stone, and the like. Stumped concrete has almost infinite possibilities, and its low costs combined with great durability makes stamped concrete very popular especially in renovations and new constructions.

2. Acid Staining

This is a coloring process that involves a chemical reaction. The application of salts, acid, and water to the concrete makes them react with the existing minerals in the concrete creating new colors. Acid staining is more effective especially when performed on indoor surfaces. It provides a protective coating that gives increases the durability of the concrete.

3. Water-Based Staining

This isn’t a reaction, but it’s more of a coating that is applied on the concrete surface. It’s a nontoxic process.

4. Scoring

This is the process whereby shallow lines are cut directly into the concrete. It gives a uniform color if done prior to the staining. If scoring is done after staining, it exposes the concrete’s natural color producing different effects.

5. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete started as a solution to industrial floor problems, but today it has become a very popular decorative concrete application. Here, diamond pads and mechanical grinders are used to give the surface a hard-glossy finish. Concrete dyes and acid stains can be used to increase options.

Concrete Flatwork Professionals in Lewisville

Nowadays, people expect more than just the basic function or appearance of concrete. With our improved materials and techniques, concrete offers more value to your project not only through maintenance and low costs but also superior designs, textures, colors and finish to suit all tastes.

So if you’re looking for stamped concrete, polished concrete, concrete flatwork or stained concrete in Lewisville, TX, you can depend on us for quality and affordable services. Give us a call right now for a free quote on all concrete services. Our contact number is 469-904-0153.